Sunday, October 25, 2009

H1N1 Here We Come

It seems like every year we get hit with a "sick month". Last year it was the stomach flu. This year it is Swine Flu. All six of us have it. It is so miserable. But we are getting through it. Jacob is finally back to school. And Logan will be going back soon. Cant wait for life to be back to normal!

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I wear many hats. My favorites include wife and mother. I was destined to have a big family and I love them more than life itself. I have four handsom, smart, funny, and loving boys. My husband Jason is my rock. He was blessed with all of the qualities that I lack. He keeps me grounded and focused. We make the perfect team. Jason and I were married soon after graduating from college. We quikly decided that I would be a “stay at home mom”. I loved being home with my boys. I believe we are such a tight knit family because of it. I am so blessed! There is a litle bit of everything in this blog. So, Enjoy!!!