Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Year

So I decided to start a blog for my family and friends to be able to watch the boys as they grow and change. And I only made TWO entries last year!!! All I can say is that life came at us like a train wreck in 2008.

Jason lost his job and the only place he could find work was in Las Vegas. So the boys and I moved in with my Mom until Jason is back in Cali. As soon as we moved into my Mother's house, the house flooded. We had no use of most of the house for 7 weeks. Then Jacob, Logan, and I witnessed a terrible accident in front of Logan's school. One of Logan's fellow students and her family were run over by another parent dropping off their children. The father and kindergartner survived. But the 3 year old died on Thanksgiving. It was devastating to all of us. Then when my Dad came home from his summer house, he had major heart trouble and was hospitalized for most of December. And this week, my sister-in-law's father died of an aneurysm. He was so kind and sweet and he will be missed.

Needless to say, I am still here. I hope and pray that 2009 will be a better year for all of us. I wish all of you a peaceful and prosperous 2009!!!

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I wear many hats. My favorites include wife and mother. I was destined to have a big family and I love them more than life itself. I have four handsom, smart, funny, and loving boys. My husband Jason is my rock. He was blessed with all of the qualities that I lack. He keeps me grounded and focused. We make the perfect team. Jason and I were married soon after graduating from college. We quikly decided that I would be a “stay at home mom”. I loved being home with my boys. I believe we are such a tight knit family because of it. I am so blessed! There is a litle bit of everything in this blog. So, Enjoy!!!